Play tennis every day of the week from the early hours until the last hours of the day. This membership is perfect for everyone who can’t get enough of playing tennis. 



  • When you sign up for an all-in membership you can also join TV Rijshaeghe and you are automatically a member of the KNLTB. The €25,- for TV Rijshaeghe is not included in the prices of the memberships for Tennispark Welgelegen.
  • You will receive a free personal Welgelegen clubcard with your name and picture on it. You have to send a picture to us or we can make a picture of you when you are in the Headshop. To create a duplicate in case of loss, you pay €2,50. With this card you can reserve a court. 
  • The contribution is automatically charged of the relevant account in the first period of your membership.
  • When you sign up for a membership at Tennispark Welgelegen it doesn’t mean you are a member of Tv Rijshaeghe as well.

important information

  • Players who want to sign up twice in a year pay entrancefee that is the same as the first period of the desired membership. 
  • Collection of payment will take place on the 28th of the previous month of the membership.
  • Everyone who joins the competition of TV Rijshaeghe are obligated to have a membership of at least 6 months.
  • Termination of membership is possible by e-mail with mentioning your name. When we receive your e-mail you will get a conformation. For a normal membership the notice period is 1 months and for a year membership it is 1 year from the beginning of the membership. 

In all situations, issues or uncertainties we like to refer you to the general terms and conditions of Tennispark Welgelegen.

1 year all-in membership monthly payment

Play tennis every day of the year between 09:00 until 23:00. This membership is for one year and you can pay every month.
€30,00 p/m


flexible month membership

With this membership you can play tennis daily from 09:00 until 17:00. The advantage of this membership is that you can cancel it monthly. 
€35,00 p/m


one year membership yearly payment

Do you want to play the whole year whenever you want? With this membership you only pay once for the whole year and you get a discount as well.
€320,00 p/j