The applicationform and appropriate membership is strictly personal and may not be transferred to any third party.

a You close a membership for an indefinite period. Annual memberships (including in terms) have an uninterrupted period of twelve months. The official membership always starts after the registration. If you are a member there will always be a month of notice.

a For each membership there is a notice period of one month, in compliance with the contractperiod. A denunciation shall be in writing or by sending an email to After confirmation of this e-mail the termination will start. The proof of the cancellation lays by the members.

a All-in members are automatically members of the KNLTB. Members of the spring competition are required to be a member for at least six months. As of October 1st of the year is no longer possible to ask for KNLTB memberships, unless it represents the next district season.

a A member receives a Welgelegen clubcard with a picture. The team at the office will make a digital picture or the members can send it themselves. If you lose the card or it doesn’t work anymore, someone in the shop will make a new one for €5,-. Someone should always rent a court by using their clubcard. If someone is playing tennis on a court without using the card, he or she will get a fine of € 25.00.

a With a choice of a one-time payment of an annual membership, you must pay this before the contract (possibly including registration fee). At monthly collection fee is in the first payment of the membership period. KNLTB-contribution is around January 28th of the year or collected at the start of membership.

a The collection will take place on the 28th of the month.

When you don’t pay the fee to Tennispark Welgelegen on time, you have to pay an extra €10,- fo administration fee. The Tennispark has the right to refuse members to access the park if the contribution is not paid. The contribution will still be running in a case like this. If Tennispark Welgelegen gives an unpaid claim for collection, all costs will need to be paid by the defaulting tennismember.

a Members have to report changes in date that are important for the administration. (Like relocation, change of a bankaccount, changing phonenumbers.

a New members pay € 25, – per person for registration fee. Players can register at any time as a member. Players who register multiple times per calendar year, will be paying the first € 25, – handling fee per registration.

With a choice of debit, provided if the membership permits, members pay an amount in cash or by debit to the end of the first month. The debit will begin on the 1st of the following month. The actual collection takes place on the 28th of the month preceding the month in which the debt is related.

a The temporary stopping of membership during the contract period is only possible if there is an injury or pregnancy. The member needs to give an indication of the expected recovery date and send an email of the date when they want the membership to stop. After confirmation of this mail is the temporary suspension takes effect. During this stop the monthly payment will be collected and the scheduled deadlines extended beyond the contract period. The temporary suspension starts if someone has an injury of at least 3 months.

a Tennispark Welgelegen has the right to change prices c.p. index. Updates will be published on the website courts.

a Promotions or offers can not legally be binding.

a Members will be using the facilities of Tennispark Welgelegen at their own risk. Tennispark Welgelegen excludes any liability for her or one of her staff for property damage and / or injury or death of a member or a guest during the stay on Tennispark Welgelegen with or without using the facilities. Tennispark Welgelegen is not liable for loss, embezzlement, theft and / or damage directly or indirectly of the members or introduces.

a Tennispark Welgelegen organizes three open tournaments per year. That is why it is not possible for other member to play tennis during the peek hours of the tournament. Tennispark Welgelegen will inform the member early by sending a newsletter and by posting it on social media and on the websites. Tennispark Welgelegen has the right to change the openinghours to suit the purpose of cleaning, reparation, special occasions or other urgent reasons.  games for members is not possible. Tennis Hideaway keeps the members of this early informed via a message on the website. 

a Tennispark Welgelegen is entitled, if there is the need to change the present conditions and regulations. 

a Tennispark Welgelegen is able to to refuse members without any reason.