In the Headshop at Tennispark Welgelegen you can find everything you need to play tennis or padel. Are you interested in a tennisracket or shoes or something else in the shop? Send an email, call or visit our shop. We hope we can help you find everything you need. 

strings, stringing rackets and grips

 At our Headshop we do not only sell rackets, strings and grips for the rackets, but we also string your rackets. When you buy a new racket we string it for you and when your current racket needs new strings we can do that for you as well. It will take less than one week. 


Since the beginning of September 2019 we have 3 new padelcourts at Tennispark Welgelegen. The Headshop doesn’t only have tennisrackets, but also Head padelrackets. We have everything you need when you want to play padel. You can even rent our padelrackets and we have padelballs for sale.  


In the Headshop we do not only sell rackets, shoes, balls, but also clothes. During tournaments and events we have a stand with a lot of t-shirts, jumpers, pants and jackets.


Are your shoes not good anymore and do they need to be replaced? Come to our Headshop for your perfect new pair of tennis- or padelshoes. The prices are the same or less than the prices you can find online. Are your perfect Head shoes not in our shop? Tell us and we make sure we got it in our shop as soon as possible!.